Here’s a sample of the over 3000 exercises available with ChiroZone.

Rehab Exercises

This module contains a wide range exercises.

StrongPosture® Exercises

All motion starts with posture! Posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, author of Stand Taller~Live Longer: An Anti- Aging Strategy, will guide your patients to engage their inner core with StrongPosture® protocols to optimize postural BAM (Balance, Alignment and Motion).

All exercise is not created equal. Exercising with poor posture can train you to stand and move poorly. These basic StrongPosture® MUST vs TRY protocols fit each exercise to the individuals ability, building body awareness and control. Adapting exercises to the individual’s body is the key to creating attentional focus for strengthening the three elements of posture: Balance, Alignment and Motion- B.A.M.

Improve posture to set the stage for optimal exercise effectiveness first, and then progress to rehab and fitness.

Want More?

Our exercise database wouldn’t be as complete, rich and accurate without the collaboration of our worldwide clients ,dedicated rehab team and video production team.

If you need specific exercises that are not yet in ChiroZone, simply let us know. We can usually get exercises created for you within 2 weeks at no additional charge.

Our goal is helping you help your patients get better and get fit, as well as saving you time to better focus on treating patients.